Simplify tracking your earnings and patrons for

Okoa Patreon dashboard mobile

Okoa tracks changes to your pledges and earnings to help you identify how to grow your Patreon income.

Okoa Patreon monthly chart with notations

Patron history. All in one place.

Okoa lets you easily see cancellations, reactivations, upgrades, pauses, and changes for any of your pledges. So you can get the whole timeline of how your patrons are behaving without digging through your emails.

Okoa Patreon patron history

Know how much your total pledge income changes day by day.

Release new content last week and want to see if your pledge income changed at all? Okoa can show you. Once you start using Okoa, it tracks your daily income changes so you can immediately identify any spikes or dips in pledge revenue.

Okoa Patreon monthly income chart

See which Rewards bring in the most income.

Determine which Reward tiers you should be promoting or getting rid of.

Okoa Patreon rewards performance

Identify users who freeload.

Block users who subscribe and cancel before paying any subscription fees.

Okoa Patreon users who canceled without paying

Start tracking your Patreon income and patrons now.

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