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UI Mocks: Laptop and Phone Created with Sketch. AT&T 22 % 4 21 PM : -34.1% $16.77 $11.05 $53.67 +13.3% $60.82 Diff 30 Day Avg Jul 11 Breakdown by Source $190.20 Est. Total Daily Earnings Yesterday | Monday, Jul 11, 2016 Sara’s Daily Earnings AT&T 22 % 4 21 PM :

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See how much you’ve earned on one dashboard.

OKOA automatically pulls your revenue from all your earnings sources so you can easily see how much you make in real time. No more adding numbers in a spreadsheet everyday.

How it works.

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1. Choose the sources where you currently earn money whether its affiliate revenue, display ads on your blog, or funds direct from your fans.
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2. Connect each source to OKOA safely and securely in seconds.
Explanation 3 Created with Sketch. Total Earnings $129.43 $51.77 $20.01 $43.23

3. Done! OKOA handles the rest. Now you can check your OKOA dashboard to see exactly how much your blog is earning everyday.

Know where you stand with daily emails.

OKOA's daily email tells you how much you made the previous day and how you’re trending for the month. So you can focus on doing the work you love, not your finances.

iphone only Created with Sketch. $100 $200 6/19 6/26 7/3 7/10 Earnings: Past 28 Days | Jun 14 - Jul 11 $4063.47 Projected Monthly Total Earnings | July 2016 +11% Compared to Previous Month $300.39 Month to Date Earnings | July 2016

Safe and secure.

Bank level encryption

All your data is encrypted with a 256-bit encryption, and the data exchanged with OKOA is encrypted with 128-bit SSL.

Rest assured: OKOA only uses approved, updated APIs with each earnings source to retrieve your data.

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