Recover the Patreon income you're losing to declines and cancellations

Keep your hard-earned Patrons.

Okoa's Custom Recovery Emails automatically follow up when one of your patrons has a declined payment or cancels their pledge.

Okoa Patreon Recovery Emails
Okoa Patreon Recovery Emails

The average Patreon creator loses 15% of their monthly income to declines and cancellations every month.

Okoa's Custom Recovery Emails get that money back with timely, personalized emails.

Recovery Emails are:

Okoa Patreon dashboard mobile

Easy to set up

Fully customizable, preloaded emails help you get started. So you can begin sending emails with just a couple of clicks.

Okoa Patreon dashboard mobile

Sent as frequently as you want

Persistent recovery emails recover more income. Okoa lets you set up as many emails as you want to test.

Okoa Patreon dashboard mobile

Easy to see if its working

Clear metrics and attribution make it easy to understand which recovery emails are working.

Plus get Okoa's powerful Weekly Analytics Email for free

Okoa's Weekly Analytics Email makes it easy to see the important changes to your Patreon income. So you can understand the story of what's happening to your Patreon rather than just swimming through numbers. This feature is available free for all users.

Okoa Patreon dashboard mobile

Try Custom Recovery Emails risk-free

Start for free and get access to Okoa's full suite of Analytics Tools. Automated Recovery Emails are available for $12/month, but free to set up. All subscriptions are processed through our Patreon page.

Membership is fully refundable if you're not happy with your subscription within 30 days.

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