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Okoa Patreon dashboard mobile

Okoa is a weekly email that keeps you on top of how your Patreon income is doing – without any of the work.

Okoa helps you —

Okoa Patreon dashboard mobile

Pinpoint why your Patreon income is changing

See easy-to-understand explanations for how certain metrics affect your monthly income.

Okoa Patreon dashboard mobile

Identify the important changes

Okoa highlights the significant changes and offers actionable insights into how to optimize your growth and address problems.

Okoa Patreon dashboard mobile

See which patrons need attention now

Immediately know which patrons you should reach out to. Whether it's declined payments or a 6 month anniversary, engaging with patrons at the right moment can increase your long term pledge retention.

Okoa Patreon dashboard mobile

Learn which rewards are working for you

See which reward tiers are bringing in the most income, and get alerted when the most popular reward tier changes. You’ll get the whole picture behind how your rewards are doing with just a glance.

For Patreon creators. Funded by Patreon creators.

Okoa is currently donation based and supported by Patreon creators like you. More features to come for supporters.

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